Wednesday 13 March 2019

Aesthetically Tailored Tooth With Immediate Loading Implants

A searing toothache is a nightmare. It takes away the mental and physical vigour to function properly. A decaying tooth, gum or bone at the root of the tooth is the cause of this toothache. Pulling out the decayed tooth will relieve the pain. The problem is when there are too many teeth to be pulled out due to decay and that too from the front part of the mouth. This will be a low down as it will badly reflect upon the personality of the person besides being an impediment from gorging up the food one loves.

Causes of tooth decay
  • Failing to clean the teeth after having food
  • Brushing the teeth really hard can disintegrate the gum tissues
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco are harmful catalysts causing early decay of tooth and gum tissues

Dental replacement or dental implants 

Dental implants have come as a boon to those affected by teeth loss. In India the dental implant technique got acceptance much later, exactly a decade earlier. It has a huge advantage over the traditional dentures in that is more robust and the chances of falling are much less. The new technique uses titanium screws which invigorates the growth of bone tissues thus blending seamlessly with the bones tissues that surrounding it.

Types of dental implants

This is a path breaking implant technique where the remaining gum tissues and jawbone tissues are utilised to create a full-bodied section of teeth in the place of removed teeth. There are several ways of getting the implants done.

The commonly preferred techniques used are;

Immediate loading basal implants
Mini dental implants
All –on-4, All-on-6 and All-on-8 dental implant techniques for full arc or full mouth restoration.

Immediate loading implant

Immediate load implant can be done retaining the gum and using techniques such as sinus lift, bone augmentation, and ridge expansion to build and strengthen the bone before implant is fixed.

In the case of immediate loading basal implant the need of bone augmentation does not arise at all as the implant is directly integrated into the jawbone, cortical region of the jaw below the crestal bone.

Procedure for Immediate loading basal implant

Immediate loading basal implants involve inserting titanium screws and the abutments into the available cortical area of the jawbone structure. An anaesthetic injection is administered before the surgery to the patient to cause numbness in the cortical region of the jaw. A minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery is performed to create holes to insert titanium screws and abutments in the place of removed degenerated tooth. The cortical bones provide sufficient support to the implants.

The immediate loading basal implants have certain advantages 
  • Less chance of infection and quicker healing 
  • It can be done in limited time frame
  • Elimination of bone grafting and bone augmentation
  • Aesthetically superior result
  • Sturdy support base for implants since the titanium has the quality to blend seamlessly with the bone tissues surrounding it.
Immediate loading dental implants in Chennai

Dr Vivek's MSRam's Dentistry

Dr Vivek's MSRam's Dentistry house to a world class dental treatment at the heart of Chennai offers a wide variety of services in dentistry. The infrastructure is comparable to the best in India and abroad also features facilities that adhere strictly to the protocol. They house the most advanced technology available in dentistry acquiring latest sterilization technology, imaging technology, CBCT OP3D PRO, Dental implants etc. The hospital offers best services at affordable cost. The pride of the hospital is the experienced and skilled doctors who tirelessly and dutifully keep the good work going.

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Thursday 28 February 2019

No Need To Be Anxious About Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a common dental issue, however, advanced our whole system of dental care is. It mainly occurs due to the decay of tooth, tooth injury and periodontal diseases. Most of the affected people move for bridges and dentures to get rid of it as they are quite unaware of dental implants. The replacement of roots of the teeth is done through dental implants. It thus stands as a strong foundation for the fixed teeth so that it matches with one’s natural teeth. Missing tooth replacement in Chennai is not a herculean task these days because Dr Vivek's MSRam's Dentistry awaits you there. 

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Improved oral health
  • Unlike tooth bridges, dental implants do not require to reduce or alter the surrounding teeth so that the implant can be supported. The already existing teeth is left untouched for a reason that long term oral health is not a question.
  • Enables to eat easily
  • Dentures would not let anyone chew as easy as they can while dental implants help to eat the food very much relaxed and without pain.
  • Improved comfort and speech
  • It avoids the discomfort of removable dentures and allows speaking without being anxious that it would affect the overall health of the teeth. 
  • Durability and convenience
  • Implants last for many years and reduce the inconvenience of removable dentures. 

Different Types of Dental Implants

Dental implant is done on the jaw bone and impressions for the teeth are obtained. Then a whole set of ceramic teeth manufactured in the hi-tech laboratory is set on upper and lower jaw curve. All these are done in just six days.

Immediate Loading Implants
This is meant for diabetes patients and chain smokers. An empty space in the jaw bone is made by the surgeon after giving anesthesia to the patient. A hole in the gum is then made, implants are inserted inside the hard part of the jaw bone and the impression is of course obtained. 
Without hipbone graft, upper jaw dental implant can be carried out in less than 72 hours. It is called ‘graft-less technique’ and uses the cheekbone to support the Zygoma implants.

It can be made use of by people who have lost the whole set of teeth due to various reasons such as accidents, injury etc. Full implantation in the upper and lower jaw and the implantation to support bridges and crowns are implemented using it.
Osseointegration Implants
They are quite expensive and used for skeletal anchorage purposes so that the integration among implants, bones and soft tissues could be maintained.

The implantation is rightly inserted in the jawbone in order to stabilize the dentures and the head of the implant slightly stands high above the jawline.

Nobel Biocare Implants
Using non-reactive titanium, a rough surface structure is produced to increase the overall surface area. Only a 10 year guarantee is assured.
All on 4
As the name suggests, with just four dental implants a full arch of the teeth can be very easily restored in a day itself. The recovery time is minimal and is meant for patients with jaw bone loss. 

Single Tooth Replacement
The tooth is absolutely replaced with an artificially created one making sure that the adjacent tooth is not affected at all. 

One Hour Dental Implants
The remains of the damaged tooth are extracted from the place of the tooth that has been lost and dental implants are inserted. The bone loss is thus minimized to a certain extent. 

Zirconium Implants
It is the recent innovation in implants fabrication. It is highly durable and strong.

Guided Implants 
A CT scan is implemented in such a way that the oral condition and thereby the template essential for the dental implant can easily be figured out. Using CAD/CAM technology, the dental implants can be manufactured. 

Dr Vivek's MSRam's Dentistry is of the best dental implant centers in Chennai for its world-class infrastructure and services. Ranging from general dentistry treatments to laser dentistry, MSR Clinic is there for you. Now, do you understand why is it believed that clinic offers best dental implants in Chennai?
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Friday 23 November 2018

The State-Of-Art Procedure: Zygomatic Dental Implants

New methodologies and techniques are quite on the roll in the field of dentistry and every new attempt is a realization towards the effortless and successful completion of the existing and the new innovative procedures. Zygomatic implants are the advanced methodology of dental implants where the implants are anchored in the zygomatic bones rather than the maxilla as in the conventional dental implants. The zygomatic bone may be selected due to different reasons which can be challenging for the surgeon to complete the conventional methods. We, at MSR Dental Clinic, provides the zygomatic implants to the patients after a detailed checkup and expert advice from the most experienced doctors of our panel.

Advantages of zygomatic implants

Zygoma dental implants provide the added advantages of avoiding the multiple steps in the procedure like the sinus lifting and bone grafting processes which are usually done in conventional dental implants. Zygomatic dental implants follow the immediate loading technique, avoiding the second stage surgery and long waiting period for the patient. It can be effectively used in patients with excessive bone loss or maxillary resorption. Also, we at MSR Dentistry also makes sure to provide the best experience of graftless dental treatment in Chennai aiding the high rate of success of the procedure.

Can I be a candidate for Zygomatic Dental Implants?

Patients with less bone density are advised to take zygomatic implants. Also, when the patients have undergone serious damages or traumas to their mouth and face as in the cases of accidents, zygomatic dental implants are used so as to avoid further soft tissue and bone damage. In cases of previously failed dental implants, zygomatic implants have to be used as it can avoid the chances of further falling through. The condition of the atrophic maxilla, wherein the maxilla gets wasted, can be rehabilitated using zygomatic implants. Aged patients are recommended to use zygomatic dental implants.

MSR Dental Clinic ensures to provide the best zygomatic implants in Chennai and exists to be the first word in dental implants clinic in Tamil Nadu. Reach out MSR Dentistry to get the best treatment at the best rates suiting your pockets!

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Saturday 13 October 2018

Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Just 7 Days

Using the advanced dental implant technique, now you can fix all your teeth in just 7 days. Patients who have lost most of their teeth can go through this treatment. This treatment gives you a complete set of permanent teeth that will help you to eat, smile and talk confidently. The full mouth rejuvenation treatment gives you a complete makeover.
Gone are those days when you have to go through numerous sessions to fix your damage teeth. It was not only painful but extremely time-consuming. You would have to spend almost 6 months to go through the rejuvenation procedure. But now within a jiffy, you are all set to have a new set of teeth.


What are the benefits of this treatment?

There are several reasons why you should go through this treatment:

✔You are getting a whole new natural look within 7 days. According to the facial structure, the implants teeth are made so that the new set matches your face structure.

✔It makes your teeth structure steady. These dental implants are fixed to the jaw bones to ensure permanent steadiness.

✔According to the patient's requirement, the dental implants are crafted. So you do not need to go through any changes in the near future.

✔You could literally eat anything you want without worrying about tooth pain and sensitive teeth

✔Improved Appearance, Less Maintainance and Fewer Visits are some of the other benefits of full mouth rehabilitation



Single tooth replacement with implants
Multiple tooth implant
⇔All on 6
⇔All on 4
⇔Full mouth replacement


But why choose us?

At MSR dentistry, we have an excellent team of dentists who use the latest dentistry technology to conduct dental treatments. Here you will get a wide variety of dental treatments available at an affordable rate. Starting from dental implants, root canal to gum disease treatment, we perform almost every possible treatments related to dentistry.

For permanent dental implants, our team uses the latest CAD and CAM technology. Get the best full mouth rehabilitation in Chennai, India, from MSR Dentistry. So if you are planning for a full teeth rejuvenation book an appointment now..!
We are going to give you a whole new makeover...!!!

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